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This is not for everyone..

This site is not filled with smart selling tips for you wanting to book me instead I will say right away here that I"m not like others photographers you have been looking for. I  have been photographing over 5 years and I like to give my clients an experience. 

My equestrians sessions services are not for anyone och my way of working with my clients are not for everyone. If you just want to have a photographer and nice pictures then I recommend you to keep looking because I"m so more than just that.

For 2020 i"m releasing a new concept on my packages because I want to focus on portaits, luxury, liberty. Thats is what I"m absolutely I'm best at and I love to capture this moments with my clients.

ABOUT Linnea 


S P O N S E R D  

R I D ER "S 

Begin a sponsored rider for Equine By Vidal Photography its a collaboration that its takes courage and responsibility.


The riders are the face out for my brand. They are professional and experience in Equestrian Sport and as well they are role models. 

Get to know my riders in more personal


Profesional Role Model

As a role model you stand to inspire others and to be kind and to spread love and joy.

Equine By Vidal Photography


As a role model you will work very close with me as the photographer and during the collaboration both partners build a friendship with each other.

Equine By Vidal Photography


Video / Pictures

You will get both pictures & video of you and your horses. I work professional with both materials to give you that perfect flow for your socials medias.

Equine By Vidal Photography

  • My favorite colors are blue & Grey, Bordeaux 

  • I have a dog called Molly. 

  • Favorit travel destination Germany, Holland 

  • Love my daily training both outdoor & indoor

  • Favorit snack its candy or berries. 

  • Love watching series.  

  • I have done athletics

  • I"m 162cm 

  • I have ride in SM Children Final up to 130

  • I have ride for Royne Zetterman 

  • Rob Ehrens, Jens Fredricson

  • I have a great passion for horses and the equestrian sports, I"m ambitious as person and know where I see myself in the future.


Instead of stressing with results and classes. we have focused on trust and slow safe development.


It should be fun for the horses and they should feel brave & healthy before the bar its raised.  Good riding before fast in my option. 




I'm free!

Yes you are lucky and I am free and you have incorrectly filled in learn how to be a photographer. Now we book a skype call / phone / coffee and you get to ask everyone you want and I get to know you a little better. Then I'll book you. Jippie. 

Not available?

If I"m not available on the date you want to book, I be asking if we can book other date. Updates will be turning here once I"m not available

Mayra runs her own company for almost 2 years as a full time photographer.  She focused on equestrian sports. In addition to photography, she is a qualified horse caretaker. She has won the award as Skåne"s best entrepreneur and, among other things, photographed for Ps. Equito other big brands trough the equestrian world.

Skype equinebyvidal

PHONE + 0760089198 (Weekdays 10 - 16.00)