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This is not for everyone..

This site is not filled with smart selling tips for you wanting to book me instead I will say right away here that I"m not like others photographers you have been looking for. I  have been photographing over 5 years and I like to give my clients an experience. 

My equestrians sessions services are not for anyone och my way of working with my clients are not for everyone. If you just want to have a photographer and nice pictures then I recommend you to keep looking because I"m so more than just that.

For 2020 i"m releasing a new concept on my packages because I want to focus on portaits, luxury, liberty. Thats is what I"m absolutely I'm best at and I love to capture this moments with my clients.



E Q U E S T R I A N 


No arrange moments, no stiff poses. When you are photographed with me it will not feel like a photography you are used to. You will probably laugh at feeling relaxed and having a cozy moment. this is the moment you remember afterwards where you could relax for yourselves and for the sake of horses.

This three pictures describes my style

Johanna & Astrid

Oustanding places 

I put a lot of effort and love to find photo locations for your session. The locations have nothing but the best light for you to look as good as possible to give you magical pictures.

Equine By Vidal Photography


Relaxation, Smiles

I get the most laughs att infront of the camera. Little of a talent I have & I get feedback from equestrian people that they find me funny. One of my talents are to be able to read people  I meet to find the right away to make them relaxed.

Equine By Vidal Photography



When you book me you should be prepared that you will get proper spoiled. During the day you will noticed everything is planned on the smallest details

Equine By Vidal Photography

  • My favorite travel locations are Portugal, Island

  • I have a daughter & two dogs

  • Favoritdrink is apple juice or water 

  • Love my daily training both outdoor & indoor

  • I"m a morning person so I love waking up early

  • I usually often becomes friends with my clients 

  • I"m 165 tall 

  • Favorit colors are pink, navy blue and gold

  • I won a award as skånes best entrepreneur

  • I have photograph equestrians both for PS, Equito, SD design, ActiveMineral and I have photograph sessions as well in Portugal 

  • I have a great passion for horses and the equestrian sports, I usually watch the FEI, dressage, jumping in TV at home unless I"m at some event.



Excellent person with an extraordinary job.
Congratulations for your sensitivity. Your photos are fantastic, I recommend

— Pedro



First steps 

Send a booking request to me by filling in the form at the bottom. The more details you write, the easier it will be for me to decide if we are a perfect match. I spend a lot of time on each customer. it's really important to me that you get a session that suits you


You will receive a nice package home on the mail with checklists & agreements. Now we can start planning for personal & magical images.

Equine By Vidal Photography


      Questions asked 

When do I need to book?

The sooner the better. Bookings now open for 2020. Are you also filming? Yes, but only in connection with still photography. All packages include 2-5 min highlight movie.

Travel & what does it cost? Yes all travel & accommodation expenses are included in my packages above seen where in the country you are located. I love destinations so do not hesitate to contact me outside from sweden.


When are the photos delivered?

I always have delivery on the same evening but if there are many pictures it is within 4 weeks. at every booked photo shoot I dedicate time to edit your photos so you don't have to wait several weeks for your photos. You also get a peek at about 10 pictures within a couple of days after shooting.

Do you have a spare camera? Of course, a backup can also be made of lenses & mends of memory cards & batteries.

What happens if you get sick? Then we have to rebook dates and it does not cost anything to rebook. This has never had & thankfully.

Equine By Vidal Photography


     Booking & Travels

I send an invoice that must be paid through 2 weeks before shooting. The invoice is your guarantee for your booked date.

Agreements & pictures? At your photography day we write avatals so you feel safe with everything about booking & pictures. You always have the right to use your pictures and can develop and publish unlimited. I always deliver color edited JPG files.

Travel allowance? all over sweden is included in my packages! I start from Malmö.

Destinations (outside of Sweden) if you want a photo outside of Sweden please email me bums and you will receive a personalized package proposal you cannot refuse to. 

Equine By Vidal Photography

 S E R V I C E S


(60) min 20 pictures   


Treasure is for all riders & their horses. From new beginner to more advanced, experienced teams.  What's included in this package? 60 minutes & 20 pictures with online gallery with prints included. A welcome guide will be sent to you when you do your book to know more of what wear, what poses, what happens before, during & after the photoshoot.


In this package liberty can be included portraits & even publicity can be done if you want show your sponsors. When you book  make sure to mention what photoshoot you want to do. 

5600KR / 560€


(70) min 20-30 pictures   


Deluxe is the fairy tale package for you & your horse. A magical location such as a castle or even ruins will be part of the photoshoot. Flowers & luxury dresses that will make you look like a queen. The final product will be a magical online 20-30 pictures gallery that will blow the mind of your family & friends. A gift card will be included along with 5 prints. 

Fine Art Prints (decorate your walls as canvas 50x60) A USB will be included in

this package with all your pictures saved plus you will receive a photo alum.

10500KR / 1050€


(60) min 10-20 pictures   


Fine Art Detalis shoots from your horse or horses. Either white & black background can be chosen. Show & express your horse beauty. Prints are included in this package along with a box with goodies. 


5000KR / 500€



Type Of Session?

I'm free!

Yes you are lucky and I am free and you have incorrectly filled in learn how to be a photographer. Now we book a skype call / phone / coffee and you get to ask everyone you want and I get to know you a little better. Then I'll book you. Jippie. 

Not available?

If I"m not available on the date you want to book, I be asking if we can book other date. Updates will be turning here once I"m not available

Mayra runs her own company for almost 2 years as a full time photographer.  She focused on equestrian sports. In addition to photography, she is a qualified horse caretaker. She has won the award as Skåne"s best entrepreneur and, among other things, photographed for Ps. Equito other big brands trough the equestrian world.

Skype equinebyvida

PHONE + 0760089198 (Weekdays 10 - 16.00)